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  • Hani

    Dear Jason,

    First thanks for the plugin “User Meta Manager”, it was very helpful.

    Second, we have around 600 registered users on our website, and we have added many new fields to collect info from participants, we run a competition, and we need judges to enter and vote for each project submitted by participants. Our problems is when retrieving records to show to judges, we saw that the “User Meta Manager” plugin write the value of the fields for each record in one column and many rows, while value of the fields for one record in WordPress database are written in one row and many columns.
    My questions are:
    1- Is there a way to correct this without loosing our database?
    2- If we want to uninstall the plugin and use the traditional database existed in WordPress, how can we keep all the fields for all records that are written through “User Meta Manager” plugin.
    3- If we downloaded the database we have into .csv file, can we upload it to another database and start from scratch without using the “User Meta Manager” plugin?

  • Hani

    Hi Jason, can you please reply?

  • Jason


    Yes, UMM saves user meta data in WordPress wp_usermeta table. This is the same method WordPress traditionally uses.

    To answer your query-
    I recommend writing a custom script to query the database and print the results in the format you desire. Starting from scratch seems like a drastic measure if all you need to do is print the data in a different format. How are the results presented to the judges? in CSV format?