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My HTML Embed Code Generator makes it easy to create a custom music or video code you can use to stream audio or video from your webpage or blog. Real Player, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Silverlight, Adobe Flash, SWFObject, HTML5 Audio, and HTML5 Video codes are automatically generated to meet your specifications.

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  • christian


  • Scott

    Great!! works for me… for proof visit [link removed automatically]

  • http://SSradio.American-Forum.net DJSuperSoundz

    Thanks Man :D, Something that Actually Works For Radio Streams

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O7D2KYFHCINJYHYIH3Q6A2CWZI Georgia


  • xelloss

    not work mms silverlight

  • http://webxecutive.com/ Web Developer

    Use Real Player or Windows Media Player for mms. mms will not work with Flash or Silverlight.

  • http://twitter.com/VinceCornelius Vincent Cornelius


  • James

    I’m having a hard time getting the code to work cross platform. My goal is to get my video playing on Safari, Firefox and IE on both PC and Mac with the quicktime version also working as a mobile platform solution. Can you help me with this? For some reason it’s not working well or at all on some of those pieces.

  • http://websitedev.biz/ Web Dev

    I recommend using a combination of methods, such as Flash, HTML5, and plain-text links. For example, here is a page I setup for a client – http://scoularballroom.com/home/about/our-new-look-debuts-march-2013/

    This page offers plenty of playback methods the user can choose from.

    Limiting your users to a single proprietary plugin, such as Quicktime, will limit the overall availability of your presentation. If your goal is to reach the widest-possible audience, offer a range of playback methods.

  • James

    Is there no way to put those links inside the same embed-placeholder, basically to have them all represented by browser in the same spot? So if it’s Firefox the ogv plays, or if it’s Safari or iOS the mp4 plays and so on?

  • http://websitedev.biz/ Web Dev

    HTML5 is as close as you will come to achieving it. You need to provide both mp4 and ogv sources when constructing the video tag.

  • http://websitedev.biz/ Web Dev

    The following example would probably be the best way to reach the widest-possible audience –

    What I’ve done is listed 3 source types AND added the object tag to include an additional Flash formatted source. Older browsers will fall back to Flash, while HTML5 browsers will play their compatible source file.

  • James

    That code looks and works great except for on IE. Maybe it’s because the object tag is buried under the video?

  • James

    Well it’s not that, I tried it and it just separated the two videos

  • http://websitedev.biz/ Web Dev

    Be sure there are no spaces or breaks in the code.

  • http://websitedev.biz/ Web Dev

    You can always exclude the Flash source, but you will lose backwards compatibility with HTML4 browsers.

  • http://websitedev.biz/ Web Dev

    You aren’t going to find a single solution for all environments. You’ll drive yourself mad trying. This is why I recommend a range of playback methods. Otherwise, someone, somewhere is not going to be able to watch your video.

  • http://websitedev.biz/ Web Dev

    Don’t forget about Linux OS while you’re checking cross-platform-compatibility. 😉

  • gurpreet singh


  • Joanna Reynolds

    would like to have my own round images for real player, flash etc rather than the player from the generator. Is this possible?

    Willing to pay a few $’s to have these created, Need 5 made, and once clicked, opens our stream to whichever program / icon they choose.

  • Justin Case

    Looking for someone to convert a streaming video from the currently available flash to an html5 code for availability on cross platforms. Willing to $$

  • http://BullyStud.com/ American Bully

    I might be able to do that. I would have to see the video. Some Flash videos don’t convert gracefully.

  • Justin Case

    Is there an email to drop it on or here’s just fine?

  • http://BullyStud.com/ American Bully

    Sure, send it to jason_lau@live.com

  • Justin Case

    Thanks and sent.