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This is where you can purchase my premium/pro items such as programs, modules, plugins, and articles.

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Thirty Dollars User Meta Manager Pro Plugin

User Meta Manager Pro is a premium extension for the User Meta Manager plugin versions 3.1.4 or higher. User Meta Manager Pro extends the capabilities of the User Meta Manager plugin.

Only the Pro plugin will be developed in the future. No additional features will be added to the free version.

$30 Single domain Product Key (includes subdomains and localhost). $5/US for each additional domain. Good for one year of live updates via the Dashboard > Plugins screen for the registered domain(s). This includes one year of download and documentation access on this website. After the expiration period, the plugin will continue to function, but live updates and membership to this website will no longer be available.

You will be prompted to enter your domain name after you purchase the plugin.

Pro Features

  • For websites with more than 100 users.
  • Advanced field validation using match or search methods.
  • Regular expressions matching.
  • Canned/saved regular expressions. Easily save and reuse your favorite regex patterns!
  • Case sensitive or insensitive validation search. Easily ban words or phrases from custom fields.
  • Custom error messages.
  • Redirect a user after custom form submission.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Backup and restore User Meta Manager settings.
  • Restore wp_usermeta table from User Meta Manager CSV backup.
  • Backup and restore WordPress Users.
  • More to come ...

How To get The Plugin

  1. Use the following PayPal payment button to purchase.
    No Refunds: Open source programming cannot be returned. If there is an issue with the plugin, I will make every reasonable effort to resolve it per the terms of the software license.
    Remote Content: Updates and documentation for this program are remotely hosted from my servers. A live server, valid product key, valid domain, and membership to this website are required for access to updates and documentation.


  2. Complete the payment process through PayPal. Once the transaction is complete, PayPal will redirect you back to this website. At the end of the PayPal payment process, if you are not automatically returned, select the link on PayPal's payment confirmation page which brings you back to here, or check your email for a return link. Once you have returned, you will be prompted to register a new account.
  3. Register a new account and sign in to your account.
  4. Go to the plugin's download page and follow the instructions there.

Vice Versa Plugin Modules

Available Vice Versa Modules

  1. Category To Category - Convert all Posts in a Category to a different Category (or add a Category to the ones they already have).
  2. Category To Post Type - Convert all Posts in a Category to a new Post Type.
  3. Post To Post Type - Convert any Post/Page to any Post Type.

How To Get Vice Versa Modules

  1. Select a PayPal payment option from the table below based on the number of modules you wish to purchase. For example, if you want to purchase the Category To Post Type module, and the Post To Post Type module, you would select the "2 Vice Versa Modules" payment option to purchase 2 modules. Once the two modules are purchased, they would then be available for download for the duration of your membership.
  2. Complete the payment process through PayPal. Once the transaction is complete, PayPal will redirect you back to this website. At the end of the PayPal payment process, if you are not automatically returned, select the link on PayPal's payment confirmation page which brings you back to here. Once you have returned, you will be prompted to register a new account.
  3. Register a new account and sign in to your account.
  4. Go to the Vice Versa Premium Modules page and select the link to download the module or modules you purchased. Important: Only select the link or links for the module(s) you purchased or you will get the wrong one and will not get the one you wanted. Sorry, no refunds for downloading the wrong module.
  5. Save the module's zip file to your computer and unpack it.
  6. Upload the contents of the zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/vice-versa/ directory.
  7. Vice Versa will automagically detect the module(s) and will add new buttons to Vice Versa's main menu.
  8. Contact Me if you experience any problems with Vice Versa or the payment process.

Vice Versa Payment Options

1 Vice Versa Module

One module and download access for three months for $10/US.

2 Vice Versa Modules

Two module and download access for six months for $20/US.

3 Vice Versa Modules

Three modules and download access for one year for $30/US.

  • Mib110


    Hope I can ask you for some help about what I want to achieve, and found it on your page…

    I would like to have the same sticky nav menu like you have on your page.

    Is there a plugin or what code should I inset to my theme to get it work?


  • Web Developer

    Hi Mike,

    I am currently working on a jQuery plugin to help achieve the detaching menu, which I hope to have finished very soon. However, if you link me to your project, I can look at it to see what you can do.

  • Web Developer
  • Mee You

    HELP! I bought your UMM PRO plugin, but can not find the download link :( Every link that I click on brings me back to this page.

    Please Advise


  • Michael Melis

    Hi There, Im testing User Meta Manager now with the free version and it looks verry good.
    is there any email/notification function in the Pro-edition? (or can I custom request this?)

    (Main function is that i want a notification if the user edit his profile)

  • American Bully

    The free version has an email notification for a short code, but not for the user profile. The Pro plugin does not have this function either, but could be added in a future version.

  • Tom Eagles

    Hi there I am looking for a plugin that allows me to create a search form to earch through some complex usermerta data fields that i have created does this plugin include search forms? what i want to do is for exa mple is find someone that does jobs a,b,c in city b etc.

  • American Bully

    No, it doesn’t allow you to search multiple keys. However, the free version includes a short code that can be configured to query the database and return results.

    Query The Database

    You can query the wp_users and wp_usermeta tables and display results in a Post or Page with the ummquery short code.

    [ummquery before_result="" after_result="" before_item="" after_item="" item="%k: %v" key_format="ucwords" value_format="ucfirst" list="user_nicename, meta_value" where="usermeta.meta_key='my_custom_key'"]

    The above example produces a list of users, displaying the meta keys listed in the list attribute.

    ummquery Short Code Attributes:

    before_result: HTML to display before the set of results.
    after_result: HTML to display after the set of results.
    before_item: HTML to display before each item.
    after_item: HTML to display after each item.
    item: HTML to display with each item. %k is replaced by the item key. %v is replaced by the item value.
    key_format: (Optional) Strips the underscore from and automatically formats the item key. lc = All lowercase. uc = All uppercase. ucfirst = Uppercase the first word. ucwords = Uppercase the first letter in each word. For example, using key_format ucwords on the key my_custom_key would produce My Custom Key.
    list: A comma-delimited list of database keys to list in the results.
    where: (Optional) MySQL WHERE statement. Prefix wp_usermeta columns with usermeta and wp_users columns with users.
    where=”usermeta.meta_key=’my_custom_key’ AND usermeta.meta_value=’abc123′ AND users.user_url!=””

  • Jack Daniel

    If I purchase the pro version is there any other cost for the amount of customers that I have thanks!

  • Jason

    With the Pro plugin, there should be no limitations on the number of Users per website. There is only a limitation on top-level domains for plugin updates. Meaning, you can use the built-in plugin updater for one top-level domain, unlimited sub-domains, and localhost.

    Additional top-level domains are $5/US each.

    The Pro Product Key enables direct plugin updates and automatic update alerts. The Pro Product Key is good for one year of updates and notifications per top-level domain. Once the Product Key expires, updates and notifications are no longer available, and membership to this website expires also. However, the core functionality of the Pro plugin will remain intact.

    I hope this answers your questions adequately. Thanks for considering purchasing the Pro plugin!

  • Jack Daniel

    Hi Jason,

    I have between trying to buy the pro version but it keeps telling me that there is a problem with your certificate

    Kind Reguards

    Jack Daniel

    Internet Sales Specialist

    Watters Autoland Inc.

    515 961 7461 Ext 16

    515 991 0234 Cell

  • Jessica

    Hi Jason, I am interested in purchasing your plugin but have a question. I need to be able to generate a random 10-digit number for each user, to be stored in their meta data. Is this possible with your plugin? Thanks in advance!

  • Manny

    I need the exact same thing.

  • Jason


    This feature does not exist yet, but will be added in the near future.

  • msargenttrue

    Hi Jason,
    Could you provide more info about the feature: “Restore/import wp_usermeta table from User Meta Manager CSV backup.”?

    I’m working on a joomla to wordpress migration and I’m trying to move user field data from a joomla community builder table to the wp_usermeta table. Im wondering if I could dump all the joomla user data into a properly structured csv and then import it to the wp_usermeta table with your pro plugin? Thanks!

  • Jessica

    But it would probably be possible to add a meta field and assign the numbers myself, right?

  • Jason

    That is definitely possible. Also, I have already added the feature you inquired about, but I am still testing it. I will release the new (pro) version soon.

  • Qasim Riaz


    Is Pro version also included file upload feature under custom field type?

    Is there any online demo available for pro version?


  • Jason


    Sorry, there’s no file upload feature at this time. There is no demo of the pro plugin. The pro plugin simply extends the free plugin. If you like the free version, then you would enjoy the added capabilities of the pro plugin.

  • Jason

    If the csv is properly formatted with comma separated values, then yes it should work. You would simply upload the csv file via User Meta Manager and the data will be added to the wp_usermeta table.

  • Kara Shapiro

    Question, we need to test this new PRO version on a staging site before we update it on the live site. Is there a way to have this activated on the staging site and then change the URL once we are ready to roll with it on the live site? (Staging site is a different URL than the live site).

  • Jason

    Hi. Yes, you can change the domain at any time using the “Your Product Key” link which is located in the navigation menu for this website.

  • Kara Shapiro

    Great! Thanks for the quick reply.

  • Cindy Habermehl

    Just getting into customizing meta data… is it possible to search in users for the custom meta fields? Tried with the free version but it didn’t work. Thanks!

  • Jason

    There are some short codes that enable you to filter a set of results. Not exactly a search form, but you can display a list of users based upon certain criteria. The short codes are in the User Meta Manager Help & Settings tab, which is located in the upper-right of User Meta Manager’s main screen.

  • Gay Adelmann

    Hi, I apologize in advance for not being db savvy, but someone else installed the free version of your plugin on our site, and he’s no longer with us. The plugin is active, but I am not sure if it is even being used at the time. However, the issue at hand is that our wp_usermeta file has gotten so large that Back Up Buddy won’t back it up (our host server times out after 30 seconds). Does your plugin append the wp_usermeta table? So, if we were click-happy that day and selected more functionality than we truly needed, could it be causing this file to get crazy large? Thanks.

  • Jason

    Yes, User Meta Manager (UMM) writes to the wp_usermeta table. However, many plugins write to the wp_usermeta table. It isn’t possible for me to say if UMM is the culprit without knowing what the current configuration is. If you navigate to Dashboard > Users > User Meta Manager > Edit Custom Meta, you can see if there are custom meta fields in use.

  • Gay Adelmann

    Thank you for your speedy response. Yes, there is one field there, but I am not sure what it is affecting in the db. Plus, we have over 6000 users, so if I understand your free version correctly, the plugin would only be saving this field for up to 100 users? If so, then I doubt that’s going to be a major contributor to our file size. Is that correct?

  • Jason

    It IS entirely possible this one custom field is responsible for 6000 records in the wp_usermeta table. Older versions of the plugin did not limit the number of members.

  • sight79

    one quick pre-sales question. is it possible to have multiple values for a specific custom field. for example i want to create a custom field (hobbies) where the user can input various values (hobby1, hobby2, …)

  • Colin Woolf

    I am searching for a suitable plugin that will enable me to manage my customers – specifically – to be able to browse a list of my customers ( note: NOT only the ones who have ordered, but all who are registered on my site) – I wish to be able to see their address details etc., and to be able to delete them, if there are duplicates for example.

    I am using an old web site at the moment and this uses Cartweaver and Farcry – it has served me well and I use the customer database often, but we need to attract younger customers, so I have built a new WP site.

    BUT – I have just imported some of my clients to save them the hassle of re-registering, (most of whom hate computers), but I cannot see whether this has worked and whether there are any duplicates.

    Will your plugin enable me to do what I want ??

    I hope so
    kind regards