User Meta Manager – A WordPress Plugin 29

ScreenshotUser Meta Manager is a WordPress plugin which allows administrators to add, edit, or delete user meta data.

User Meta Manager also provides short-codes for inserting user meta data into posts or pages, and for restricting user access, inserting forms into Pages or Posts, and more.

To download User Meta Manager, follow the link below.

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  • Jessica

    I have installed your plugin and successfully added the user meta as needed. But I can’t seem to get it to display on each comment. (i.e, with name and date, etc.) I am using a twentytwelve child theme, my site is —. I have tried some changes to the comments.php which we have slightly modified in our child theme, but it results in the comments not displaying at all. Can you provide any insight in how to call the meta from your plugin?

  • Hi Jessica, To access user meta data, use WordPress’ built-in method – get_user_meta(user ID , meta key);

    For example, to get the meta key, “my_key”, for the currently logged-in user –
    global $current_user;
    $data = get_user_meta($current_user->ID, ‘my_key’);

  • Jessica

    Thank so much. We have been using the plugin successfully; but when the recent update came out, the fields no longer appear in user profiles. I noticed that after update install, the plugin wasn’t activated. When attempting to activate, I get a database error. Tried to roll back to old version with no luck. Any suggestions? Meta is still there and displayed under comment author…but no plugin 🙁

  • ofuel

    One thing I really need to be able to do with the User Meta Manager is have a field that ONLY the admin of the site can edit, i.e. a number that represents a balance in an account. That can be easily edited for the 20 or so users we’ll have potentially, but we really need them to be able to see the value, but NOT be able to edit it in any way.

    Kind of a bonus account thingy. Can you assist?

  • ofuel

    BTW… your site is just RIPPIN’ Cool.

  • You can create custom meta keys for all users, which are editable via User Meta Manager, then use User Meta Manager’s short codes to display the data on the frontend. You can find the short codes in User Meta Manager’s settings panel.

  • Thank You!

  • nbaft one

    I would appreciate if even the basic/default user meta data (and not only the custom created) is made to display using shortcodes. I started hunting the plugin for just this functionality, and came across your plugin with such a powerful user metadata managing ability. Alas, I still need to use “user meta shortcodes” even as I use your plugin.
    Kindly make this a priority in future update.
    Excellent plugin!

  • In an earlier comment you mention “You can find the short codes in User Meta Manager’s settings panel.”. I’m not seeing this, can you be more specific on where this information is? I hadn’t realized this plugin had short codes and I’d really like to play with that.

    Also, how does wordpress pick the order meta fields are displayed in the profile? It seems rather random and I need to get that cleaned up. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • To reach the settings panel –
    – Open User Meta Manager
    – Click the “User Meta Manager Help & Settings” tab, which is located in the upper-right-side of the screen.

    WordPress’ core user meta fields are typically at the top of the screen, with custom fields following.

    Custom fields created using User Meta Manager can be sorted as follows –
    – Open User Meta Manager
    – Press the “Edit Custom Meta” button
    – Dragging & Dropping items in the list of custom meta keys will sort their corresponding profile fields.

  • Tom Harnish

    Using latest version of WP and Manage User Meta but on activation error sez “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” Anyone have an ideas why?

  • This is most likely a conflict with another plugin or theme. If you can, try testing the plugin on a clean copy of WordPress on the same server.

  • István Bíró


    I added some custom meta key to my user_meta with UMM. when a user
    changes any of his profile for example his AIM address or website
    address or any other thing or just cliks on update profile, my saved
    custom meta field values being deleted somehow. these values are not
    changebale by the users.

    any idea?

  • Hi,

    I checked and verified this is a bug. I will release a new version with a fix soon.

    Thanks for reporting it!

  • Dustin Gray

    How would I go about displaying the custom user meta on a page?

  • There are short codes for displaying custom meta. In User Meta Manager, click the User Meta Manager Help & Settings tab, which is located in the upper-right side of User Meta Manager. Go to the Short Codes section of the Help & Settings to see what is available.

  • Dustin Gray

    Excellent, thank you

  • Michael Wallenius

    I have a site with about 150 users but can’t add any more just now, and the errors points back to problems related to UMM. I have one meta field that is to be unique and required, which claims that which ever data I put into the field (mobile phone number) UMM claims that there is already a user with that number. But it answers not with the input number, but instead with the text field name header is being taken.

    When I go into to UMM settings and try to edit the customs meta field changes do not stick. After having done changes and pressed submit I always come back to the former situation with the mobile phone field being unique and mandatory, even if I try to edit theses settings.

    Any ideas?

  • facemweb

    Hi, I have a little problem with the custom meta field in user’s profle.
    As you can see, the lasts meta’s doesn’t appear, may you have some solution ?


  • This is related to UMM Settings. Navigate to User Meta Manager, and click the “User Meta Manager Help & Settings” tab, located in the upper-right of the screen. Click the “Plugin Settings” tab. Locate the “HTML Markup” section in the Plugin Settings panel. Be sure the “HTML After” field is populated with the following HTML tags –

    That will fix this issue.

  • armtatoo

    Hi, what is the database table name that carry the details of the user meta manager?

  • User meta is stored in the native WordPress database table wp_usermeta. The plugin settings data are stored using WordPress core function, update_option().

  • armtatoo

    Thanks for the response, I was looking at the wp_usermeta but I am unable to find the additional field created. where do they reside?. thanks.

  • If you create new custom meta with User Meta Manager, the meta keys and values for each user are stored in wp_usermeta. Is there something specific you are trying to achieve? All of the meta data for each user can be edited from within User Meta Manager.

  • armtatoo

    I have a gravity form that pulls data from table but i can only see the native user field. The additionam fields are not visible

  • Mikkel Lefoli Pedersen

    We are using User Meta Manager Pro, but suddenly the page just doesn’t show anything. We have about 8000 users, so it is an important tool. Can you tell me what might be the problem?

  • What is your domain name please?

  • I emailed you.

  • Евгений Корниенко

    Good morning! A good plugin. I translated your plugin into Russian, how can I share it with you?